KaLaya, the #1 fastest-growing analgesic brand in Canada since 2019, emerges from a rich history of medical care and innovation. Founded by Dr. Keith Burk and compounding pharmacist Phil Hudson, BPharm, during their collaboration at Canada’s first Urgent Care Centre in Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario, KaLaya was born out of a commitment to providing effective pain relief.

The journey began at Beechwood Health & Wellness Medical Centre, the private family practice founded by Dr. Burk and Mr. Hudson. Faced with patients suffering from arthritis and a lack of over-the-counter solutions, they embarked on developing a drug-free formula with natural active ingredients, a formula that eventually became the first Pain Relief Formula under the brand KaLaya.

Driven by the clinical success of their prescription formula, the founders decided to make KaLaya Pain Relief Cream available to the public, leading to a national launch across Canada. With the addition of Juston Sharratt to the team, KaLaya expanded its reach, bringing relief to individuals across the country.

In a continuous quest for improvement, KaLaya introduced an innovative Massager Applicator, developed in collaboration with Registered Massage Therapists, providing hands-free application and enhanced pain-relieving benefits. The Extra Strength Formula saw further enhancement with the inclusion of arnica, addressing inflammation in conditions like arthritis and joint pain.

Not stopping there, KaLaya incorporated Cannabis Sativa Seed Oil into its Extra Strength Pain Relief formula, known for its inflammatory-reducing properties and rich nutrient profile. The brand garnered recognition, becoming Amazon’s Choice for joint and muscle pain relief in Canada.

Expanding beyond borders, KaLaya successfully launched in the USA, making its products available on Amazon.com and Sprouts Farmers Market. The brand’s commitment to innovation and global growth is evident in its partnership with Flora Growth Corp., aimed at advancing research capabilities and introducing new product innovations worldwide. As KaLaya continues to evolve, its dedication to delivering effective pain relief remains unwavering.

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KaLaya 6x Extra Strength Pain Relief Cream – Travel Size (50gm)

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