The Breg VPulse cold therapy and compression system helps patients achieve complete, comfortable recoveries through delivery of three distinct therapies:
– Motorized cold therapy to help reduce operative and injury discomfort and inflammation
– Wound compression to help reduce operative and injury inflammation
– Rapid impulse calf compression to help prevent Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT), available with the optional sequential compression calf pad.

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Breg Polar Care VPulse Cold Therapy & Compression Unit

SKU: BG-C00001

Breg Wave / VPulse BACK Cold Compression Pad

SKU: BG-C00020

Breg Wave / VPulse Foot / Ankle Cold Compression Pad

SKU: BG-C00005

Breg Wave / VPulse HIP Cold Compression Pad

SKU: BG-C00013
Breg VPulse Wave Knee Pad C00017
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Breg Wave / VPulse KNEE Cold Compression Pad

SKU: BG-C00003/17

Breg Wave / VPulse Shoulder Cold Compression Pad

SKU: BG-C00004

Breg Wave / VPulse Universal Cold Compression Pad

SKU: BG-C00016

Breg VPulse DVT Calf Compression Pads with Tubing Set

SKU: BG-C00006/BG-C00010

Breg Polar Care VPulse Back Cold Therapy & Compression System

SKU: BG-VpulseBackSystem

Breg Polar Care VPulse Foot / Ankle Cold Therapy & Compression System

SKU: BG-C00001/2-C00005

Breg Polar Care VPulse Hip Cold Therapy & Compression System

SKU: BG-C00001/2-C00013

Breg Polar Care VPulse Knee Cold Therapy & Compression System

SKU: BG-C00001/2-C00003/17
From $670.00

Breg Polar Care VPulse Shoulder Cold Therapy & Compression System

SKU: BG-C00001/2-C00004-1

Breg VPulse Replacement Power Supply

SKU: C00008

Breg Wave / VPulse Y Adapter Connector

SKU: 100576-000

The Breg VPulse Cold Therapy System is a game-changer when it comes to treating acute or post-surgical injuries.  This unit provides both cold therapy and compression through anatomic wraps and has additional compression DVT pads to reduce the risk of deep vein thrombosis.  The Breg VPulse is a motorized machine that operates quietly, making it suitable for use in both homes and medical facilities.  Breg, the second-largest orthopedic brace provider in the USA, has designed this system to elevate and simplify patient care.  You can easily take the Breg Polar Care VPulse with you from home to physiotherapy, hospitals, or even during travel.  Healing times will substantially decrease with the VPulse system as we offer top-of-the-line treatment options at an affordable price.  You can purchase the VPulse unit alone or with an extensive range of pads, including for the hips, knees, shoulders, ankles, and a universal pad.  At a rate that is 80% less than the comparable GameReady, the VPulse unit is the best high-end option on the market.

Please feel free to direct any inquiries you may have regarding the Breg VPulse Cold Therapy system to our team of professionals.  Our team is highly knowledgeable and well-equipped to provide prompt and accurate answers to any questions you may have!

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