We have several Toe Loops & Correctors designed to help with mal-aligned toes including hammer toes, mallet toes, claw toes, and bunions. These supports are designed to help with gentle realignment of your toes.

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3pp Finger / Toe Gel Tubes (Pack of 5)

SKU: 3pp-TPPP11115

Aircast ActyToe Rigid Bunion Splint


Aircast SofToes Bunion Protector (Single)

SKU: AC-82-10-09

Aircast SofToes Forefoot Pad (1 Pair)

SKU: AC-82-10-02

Aircast SofToes Forefoot Pad with Ring (1 Pair)

SKU: AC-82-10-03

Aircast SofToes Little Toe Protector (Single)

SKU: AC-82-10-07

Aircast SofToes Toe Cap (1 Pair)

SKU: AC-82-10-05

Aircast SofToes Silicone Toe Ring (1 Pair)

SKU: AC-82-10-08

Aircast SofToes Toe Separators (1 Pair)

SKU: AC-82-10-04

Aircast SofToes Toe Spreader (1 Pair)

SKU: AC-82-10-06

Bauerfeind ValguLoc® – Big Toe Splint

SKU: BF-12013102080+0°

Bauerfeind ValguLoc II – Big Toe Orthosis

SKU: BF-12013160050000

Physiotherapy Room Metatarsal (MTP) Pads

SKU: PS-001

Pro-Tec Metatarsal (MTP) Pads

SKU: PT-3903/4F

TAS Toe Alignment Splint


Toe Loops (Toe Splints)

SKU: 3pp-ToeLoops

Have a look at our Toe Loops and Correctors collection, where we offer a range of products designed to alleviate pain and correct alignment issues in your toes. Our selection includes a variety of toe loops and correctors that are ideal for conditions such as hammertoes, bunions, and overlapping toes. Made from high-quality materials, our products are durable and effective in correcting the alignment of your toes, relieving discomfort, and improving overall foot health. Whether you’re looking to prevent further damage or correct an existing condition, our toe loops and correctors are designed to provide the support your toes need. 

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