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Poor foot mechanics can cause foot pain, swelling, malformations and balance issues and may influence other parts of your body, sometimes leading to problems in your knee, hips and spine.
Foot orthotics, or orthotic insoles, are supportive devices placed in your shoes to restore the foot to its proper biomechanical balance and function.
They can help decrease excess motion if you have an over-pronated foot (when the foot rolls inward), which is often called pes planus or a “flat foot”.  Foot orthotics can also help correct high, rigid arches, redistributing your weight more evenly across your foot and providing more shock absorption.

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OS1st AF7 Ankle Bracing Sleeve


OS1st DS6 Night Time Plantar Fasciitis Treatment Sleeve


OS1st FS6 Performance Foot Sleeve (Pair)

SKU: OS1st-FS6

OS1st Plantar Fasciitis Recovery Kit


Sigvaris Microfiber Shades Compression Socks for Men

SKU: Sgvs-183

Compression Socks – Microfiber Shades for Women by Sigvaris


Darco DCS Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve


Heel That Pain – MKO – Gel


Heel That Pain – MKO – Original


OS1st Bunion Relief Socks (Pair) – BR4


Pro-Tec Plantar Fasciitis Sleeve


Pro-Tec Toe Flexor

SKU: PT-340X

Sigvaris Eversoft Diabetic Socks – Compression 8 – 15 mm

SKU: Sgvs-160

Sigvaris Fashion Sheer Compression Hosiery – Calf Length

SKU: Sgvs-120

Zurich Women’s Sea Island Style Cotton Socks – Sigvaris

SKU: Sgvs-151

Have a look at our Socks and Compression Wear collection, where we offer a variety of products designed to provide comfort and support to your feet and legs. Our selection includes a wide range of compression socks, stockings, and leg sleeves, designed to improve circulation, prevent swelling, and reduce fatigue. Made from high-quality materials, our products are durable and effective in providing the necessary support for your lower limbs. Whether you’re an athlete looking to improve performance or someone seeking relief from everyday discomfort, our socks and compression wear are designed to help you perform your best and feel your best. Browse our selection today and find the perfect product for your needs.

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