Medical Walking Boots & Shoes are used to protect your foot and ankle after an injury or surgery. They are commonly used for stress fractures, shin splints, broken foot or ankle bones, and severe ankle sprains.  Medical walking boots aid in the beginning of the rehabilitation process by stabilizing and protecting the area while it heals.  As the foot or leg begins to heal, a walking brace slowly allows weight to be put onto the injured foot as the person transitions towards a full recovery.

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Corflex Pediatric Fixed Metal Walking Boot

SKU: CF-79-120X

OS1st AF7 Ankle Bracing Sleeve


Aircast AirSelect Elite Walking Boot


Aircast AirSelect Walking Boot – Short


Aircast AirSelect Walking Boot – Tall/Standard


Aircast Rigid Toe Cover


Aircast Tube Sock for Walking Boots

SKU: AC-0129

Aircast Walking Boot Hygiene Cover

SKU: AC-0130A

Aircast Walking Boot Weather Cover


Genesis Full Shell Walker – Breg

SKU: BG-5140

Breg Genesis Mid-Calf Full Shell Walker

SKU: BG-BL52500X

EVENup Shoe Balancer


MKO Sprint® Air Walker – Short


MKO Sprint® Air Walker – Tall


Walking Boots & Shoes

Medical walking boots and shoes are recommended to patients who have sustained injuries or undergone surgery on their foot or ankle.  These devices play an important role in stabilizing, protecting and aiding the rehabilitation process of the affected area as it heals.  Medical walking boots are commonly used for conditions such as stress fractures, shin splints, broken foot or ankle bones, and severe ankle sprains.  As the foot or leg begins to heal, patients are gradually permitted to put weight on the injured foot considering their physical state.  A walking brace can assist individuals in transitioning to full recovery by providing support to the foot and ankle as the healing progresses.

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