The Breg Polar Care Wave combines motorized cold therapy with active compression in a simple and compact system, making it ideal for facility and home use.
Polar Care Wave is easily transported from the hospital, physical therapy clinic or athletic training room to the patient’s home, extending the benefits of cold and compression.

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Breg Polar Care Wave Cold Therapy & Compression Machine

SKU: BG-100577-000

Breg Wave / VPulse BACK Cold Compression Pad

SKU: BG-C00020

Breg Wave / VPulse Foot / Ankle Cold Compression Pad

SKU: BG-C00005

Breg Wave / VPulse HIP Cold Compression Pad

SKU: BG-C00013

Breg Wave / VPulse KNEE Cold Compression Pad

SKU: BG-C00003/17

Breg Wave / VPulse Shoulder Cold Compression Pad

SKU: BG-C00004

Breg Wave / VPulse Universal Cold Compression Pad

SKU: BG-C00016

Breg Polar Care Wave ANKLE / FOOT Cold Therapy & Compression System

SKU: BG-WaveAnkleSystem

Breg Polar Care Wave HIP Cold Therapy & Compression System

SKU: BG-WaveHipSystem

Breg Polar Care Wave KNEE Cold Therapy & Compression System

SKU: BG-WaveKneeSystem
From $535.00

Breg VPulse / Wave Y Adapter Connector

SKU: 100576-000

Replacement Power Supply for the Breg Wave Cold Therapy Unit

SKU: 100584-000