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Neck issues such as arthritis, muscle strain and spasms, bulging disc, and whiplash are common causes of a painful and stiff neck.

Neck stretching products can help stretch your neck in a more controlled manner, localizing the tissue that needs to be stretched. Stretching can take the pressure off your joints and nerves. It can loosen tight ligaments, fascial tissue and muscles, improving your mobility, improving posture, and reducing your pain.

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CranioCradle – Original

SKU: CC-4610

CranioCradle Sport – DT (Deep Tissue)

SKU: CC-4610DT

LoRox Aligned Life Mini Infinity Roll


OPTP Occipital Float


Physio Store Stretching Strap with Exercise Chart

SKU: PS-012

Mulligan ‘SELF SNAG’™ Cervical Strap


Manual Therapy: NAGS, SNAGS, MWMS etc.

SKU: OPTP-853-6

Self Treatments for Back, Neck and Limbs: A New Approach – 3rd Edition

SKU: OPTP-8542-3
Original price was: $38.49.Current price is: $20.95.