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KaLaya 6x Extra Strength Pain Relief Massager 120gm

SKU: K-09331

Lower Back Pain Relief Product Bundle

SKU: PS-LBBundle
From $267.48

Pro-Tec CryoSteel Ice Recovery Roller

SKU: PT-PTCryoSteelF

Pro-Tec Roller Massager

SKU: PT-PTRoller

Pro-Tec Travel Roller Massager

SKU: PT-PTRoll-Travel

Compex Vibrating Foam Roller Ion Set


CranioCradle – Original

SKU: CC-4610

Franklin Air Ball


Franklin Fascia Massager Oval

SKU: OPTP-5321

LoRox Aligned Life Mini Infinity Roll


Amber Sports Therapy Massage Cream

SKU: PT-Amber

Dr. Cohen’s acuBack – Heat Massage Roller

SKU: AcuBack

Dr. Cohen’s Heatable acuPad

SKU: AcuPad

Pro-Tec Contoured Foam Roller

SKU: PT-PTFM-Cntr-SteelBlue
Original price was: $46.95.Current price is: $39.95.

Pro-Tec FlexEdge Soft Tissue Mobilizer

SKU: PT-FlexEdge

Pro-Tec Foam Roller Travel Size

SKU: PT-FM4x12

Pro-Tec Hollow Core Smooth Foam Roller

SKU: PT-PTFM-HC-Smooth-Blue

Pro-Tec Portable Ice Massager Ice-Up


Pro-Tec Y Roller

SKU: PT-FMYroller

Pro-Tec EVA Bold Foam Roller – 18″ x 6″


Pro-Tec EVA Bold Foam Roller – 35″ x 6″

SKU: PT-PTFM6x35Bold

Pro-Tec RM Extreme Mini Massage Roller


Pro-Tec RM Extreme – Back/Neck Massage Roller

SKU: PT-PTRM Extreme F
FootLog zebra blue multicolour
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The Original Foot Log – Foot Roller with Pain Manual

SKU: FootLog

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