Med Spec Orthopeadic Braces at the Physio Store Canada

Medical Specialties (MedSpec), a renowned brand in the medical industry, stands out for its commitment to providing top-quality orthopedic and athletic products. MedSpec delivers superior performance and function at an exceptional value.

MedSpec is family owned and operated in the USA.  These family instilled values combined with our relentless pursuit of excellence have enabled Medical Specialties to become one of the leaders in sports medicine bracing.

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MedSpec Elastic Rib Belt

SKU: MS-1632X0

Medspec Sacroiliac (SI) Belt

SKU: MS-16330

MedSpec AKS Knee Support with Metal Hinges and Straps

SKU: MS-11712X

MedSpec Archimed 627 Spinal Brace

SKU: MS-16332X

Medspec ASO Ankle Stabilizer Brace w/ Plastic Stays

SKU: MS-26403X

Medspec EVO Ankle Stabilizer Brace


Medspec EVO Speed Lacer Ankle Stabilizer Brace


MedSpec CMC-X Lacer Thumb Stabilizer


MedSpec Compressor Wrist Support

SKU: MS-22357/8-X

MedSpec Cubital Tunnel Brace

SKU: MS-22344X

MedSpec Dynatrack Plus Patella Stabilizer

SKU: MS-11700X

Medspec EpiGel Tennis Elbow Support

SKU: MS-223410

Medspec EVO Ankle Hinge Attachment


Medspec EVO Quatro Ankle Stabilizer Brace


Medspec EVO with Hinge Ankle Stabilizer

SKU: MS-26431
From $71.06

MedSpec GelFlex Wrist Support

SKU: MS-2238XX

MedSpec Gripper 12″ Hinged Knee Brace

SKU: MS-117162

MedSpec Motion Manager Wrist Brace


MedSpec Patellevator Knee Orthosis


MedSpec Phantom Dorsal Night Splint


MedSpec Ryno Lacer II Wrist & Thumb Support – Short 7″


MedSpec Ryno Lacer II Wrist and Thumb Support Brace – Long 9″


MedSpec Suede Thumb Support


MedSpec Wrist Lacer II 10.5″ Wrist and Forearm Support